Celebrations Are About People

The people you invite, the ones you tell memories to later... and you. Your celebration should be as unique as you are.

Let me worry about those small details. I've got your back.
My job is to obsess over quality of printing, how to tie that perfect bow 50 times, or what a die-cutter is. Be as involved or not, as you choose to be.  I want to create an unforgettable experience & cherished keep-sakes for you and your guests.
Step 1
Tell me about yourself!
Fill out this form with the details you already know about your special day, and check-off any items or processes you want to learn more about.
Any other questions can be answered via email at 
islandgirlcreative [@] gmail.com
Step 2
A Free Consultation
It just starts with a conversation. A one-on-one video session will be set up with owner & artist Nikki, where you will discuss beautiful ideas, address concerns, and nail down what you need. A personalized Google Doc with an Item Chart (editable by both parties) will be created and built on during the entire length of the project.
Step 3
Estimations & Agreements
Once the items for design are agreed on, an Estimate Invoice Draft will be created. This document will include initial quotes, a week by week design/production schedule, and a payment schedule. A contract will be developed, approved, and the initial deposit must be received before we get into the fun stuff!
Step 4
Ideating | Sketching | Drafting 
Inspirational images will be uploaded into the Google Doc for each item. Idea sketches will be sent over for approval, and drafted concepts created. Then, lots of tweaking, and fine-tuning before production starts.
Step 5
Production & Send Off 
Progress shots during creation, and photos of finished items will be sent over for final approval before printing. All items will be hand-packed, envelopes stuffed and addressed (if requested), and all of it sent in a timely manner.
All final embellishments, printing, shipping fees will be added into final invoice. I don't believe in surprise fees, so you will be the first one to know and approve all prices before they happen!
Step 6
Your Special Day!
Imagine, its finally here. All of your guests have been raving about your unique invitations, and they are so excited to join you. They walk into the ceremony and reception space greeted by signage and and decor that creates an unforgettable experience. Photos of this day will grace your Facebook wall and your real walls for years to come –but more importantly, you will remember how it felt to celebrate your union in your own style.
Photo Credit: Lauren Schoepfer https://www.laurenschoepfer.photo/ 
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